Feature Comparison

RecruitFlow boasts a unique feature set that offers a comprehensive hiring solution tailored to and branded for your business. No other online hiring solution on the market offers the customized approach we provide at a low, fixed monthly cost. Find out what the Flow can do for your business. Schedule a live demo and learn more about our features below. Give us a call today at 1-844-443-3359.

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  RecruitFlow Newspaper Monster.com Snag-A-Job Career
Online Job Posting
Resumé Database
Company Profile / Info Page
Full Company Website
Real-time Statistics
Immediate Notifications
Distributed Applicant Handling
Flat Monthly Fee Including
Unlimited Positions / Locations
Manage Applicants

Employment applications received through your website are easy to review and process with RecruitFlow. Simply login to the RecruitFlow interface, click "Manage Applicants," and navigate through the submitted applications.

RecruitFlow does not limit how many applications may be received or charge per-application fees like other employment services. All applications received are yours for review now or when you are hiring next.

Website Notifications

With website notifications, your field or department managers can receive instant notification of newly submitted applications. RecruitFlow can notify multiple email addresses on a state, city, or per-location level. Never has it been easier to hire the perfect employee before someone else does!

Real-time Website Analytics

RecruitFlow offers real-time statistics tracking to help you understand when your potential employees are visiting your website, and how many people apply for employment throughout the day. Statistics are updated every minute, to give up-to-date information for the past hour, day, month, year, and longer!

Location Manager

Whether your have one location or over 100, RecruitFlow scales to any size corporation. All of your locations are published on your website in a directory searchable by zip code with integrated support for Google Maps. The locations also provide your potential employees the ability to express, on the management application form, which of your locations would be most suitable for them.

Content Manager

RecruitFlow is not just a employment application system. It also publishes other important information about your company, such as job descriptions, compensation details, benefits offered, and more. To edit this information, a full WYSIWYG editor is provided to allow complete content management capabilities.

User Manager

Businesses of any size can appreciate the convenience of delegating website tasks to multiple managers. RecruitFlow offers an unlimited number of users and user groups to ease the task of managing received applications and updating website content, locations, and settings.

Website Configuration

Configuring your website's administrator name, e-mail address, company name, and much more is a simple process. RecruitFlow provides convenient configuration panels that put you in charge of your own website's settings.