Our Client Portfolio
Western Shamrock, Inc. had two goals in mind with their project: to recruit managers more efficiently and to integrate their hiring solution into their existing website. With Recruit Flow they have achieved both. Their website properly carries their corporate identity while offering online applications for job opportunities. In addition to recruiting, RecruitFlow provides a location feature that allows potential customers to search through more than 200 locations by zip code proximity. Using the advanced information routing features, they are able to instantly put applications and resumes in front of the proper area coaches and managers.

  • Custom RecruitFlow Theme
  • Online & Offline Application Capability
  • Zip-code Based Location Search Feature
For JDS Restaurants, Inc. we created a custom website with a focus on compensation and benefits. When potential applicants visit the site for the first time, they are met by a virtual greeter who explains how easy it is to apply. The website includes engaging and dynamic elements such as post-it notes showing quarterly bonus earners to demonstrate to applicants the total value of employment with their company.

  • Custom RecruitFlow Theme
  • Dedicated Benefits & Compensation Pages
  • Announcement Overlays
  • Company Photo Gallery
With over 70 locations across a seven state area, RGT management was looking for a way to consolidate management application processing. With RecruitFlow, they are able to aggregate applicant data into a single resume database. When a position becomes available, an area manager can log in and see a list of recent applicants who applied for locations in their area.

  • Multiple Franchises
  • Over 70 Locations